Final Report: Rockwell Collins Amateur Radio Special Event

50th Anniversary of the Collins S-Line

12 July - 20 July 2008

W5ROK (Rockwell Collins Amateur Radio Club - RCARC - Richardson Tx) Results:

882 Contacts over a 9 day period (most on 20 Meter USB - I guess we liked using the Beam Antenna)


There were 16 primary operators listed below:
  KD5EVW - Kenneth Keese   KE5SAR - Jim Pellegrino  
  K1GD - Gene Duprey   KE5SAS - Dwight Ramsey  
  *AE5IH - Kerac Moore   KE5SZJ - Ross Terry  
  K5JHR - Bob Ashby   WA0TGH - Wayne Hughes  
  K5MWC - Bill Swan   K5TIP - John McFadden  
  AC5NF - Stephanie Keese   *KE5VEO - Justin Roberts  
  K3NT - Bob Kirby   K5XRF - Jon Jacobson  
  K8OCL - John Champa   WA8ZBT - Dennis Cobb  

* Newly licensed through the recent ham classes organized by K8OCL



1. Club president requested the names of those who were interested from the general club population
2. Main Point Of Contact - WA0TGH (Wayne Hughes)
3. One meeting prior to the special event

a. Requested people to sign-up for time slots at the meeting

4. Phone call to others who expressed interest in working the SE
5. Had pens and paper available in the ham shack
6. The lights are on 24 hours per day now
7. Retirees used badges from the north guard shack (no escort required in non-restricted areas)
8. Maintained a hard copy of the schedule in the ham shack & updated it daily based on penciled in notes and messages received form operators
9. E-mailed the spreadsheet frequently to those who signed up
10. Used UTC for all logging
11. Used paper log sheets designated for the SE
12. At day 3 sent the stats to the operators via e-mail
13. Used the computer in the ham shack:

a. Announce where we're operating using
b. Used QRZ.COM to assist with looking up the contact person's info

14. Operators consecutively numbered the paper log sheets
15. Made PDF file backups of the log sheets at 4 intervals including the final
16. Used a cardboard box in the ham shack for collecting QSL cards
17. Final Meeting to provide a post mortem (lessons learned)

Phone Numbers:

  N0CXX Cedar Rapids IA North Campus   319-295-8490  
  W0CXX Cedar Rapids IA South Campus   319-295-9627  
  N6CXX Tustin CA   714-829-4120  
  W4CRC Melbourne FL   321-731-7045  
  F6KNZ Toulouse Fr   NA  
  W5ROK Richardson TX   972-075-1349, 972-705-3237  

Information Presented to the Public:

The various facilities of Rockwell Collins' amateur radio clubs announce a special event: The 50th Anniversary of the introduction of the Collins S-Line special event will take place in July 2008

Commencing 0001z 12 July 2008 and running through 2359z Sunday, 20 July 2008

Look for the following stations on the bands:
W0CXX: Cedar Rapids, IA - South Campus, HQ Station
N0CXX: Cedar Rapids, IA - North Campus
W5ROK: Richardson, TX
W4CRC: Melbourne, FL
W6CXX: Tustin, CA
F6KNZ: Toulouse, France

(+/- QRM)
CW (kHz): 3550, 7050, 10115, 14055, 18085, 21050, 24900, 28050
SSB (kHz): 3885, 7285, 14285, 18155, 21385, 24955, 28455

Operators will announce when they are QRV via Packet Cluster -

Via for each different facility station. Please include a large #10 envelope SASE with enough postage or funds for first class return of QSL. No eQSL's

Special Certificate:
Collect four (4) or more QSL's from 4 different facilities and mail them to: ARS W0CXX

Rockwell Collins Amateur Radio Club, North Campus
10211 HALL RD

A special certificate and your QSL's will be returned to you.

Information can be found in the July issue of QST Page 94.